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Job application REJECTED? This is WHY!!!

I am sure you have applied to more companies than you have fasted in your entire life. And you wonder what you are doing wrong. WHY ALWAYS ME? But yes you are definitely doing something wrong if you do not get a reply or call back.

Below are some mistakes people make while applying for jobs and once you figure out how to avoid these mistakes, you will be getting more offers.

  1. Not following application instructions.

Attention to detail is one factor that most employers look out for. Make sure to read and understand the requirements, mode of application, application deadlines, job location etc. before you apply for a job. For example, hiring manager requires you to send a CV and a cover note but you send only CV without a cover note or send a resume and you send CV. You need to understand the employer expectation so you can tailor your application to suit it. If deadline says 10th May, do not apply on the 11th May. This even speaks more about you than your CV.

2. Attaching wrong documents

Do not mistakenly or consciously send your selfie instead of your CV. A mistake made in the submission of your application might not be ignored. Make sure to attach a resume if the application asks for a resume, always cross check to ensure that you are sending the right document for the job, format everything correctly and save the document in a format that was required.

It should be your most absolute mission to check your work thrice or even more before carrying forward.

This is a mistake which most job seekers commit and hence are either rejected in the first place or called off for an interview and then asked for an explanation for showing such major heights of negligence or carelessness.

Also, its conventional to send documents in PDF formats when the job ad doesn’t specify a particular format.

3. Applying for a role you are not qualified for

Always make sure that your application suits the job description, carefully spell out the details of the role you are applying for and highlight your experiences. Never apply for a job that’s above your qualification because most recruiters will overlook your application.

Do not submit an application that does not match the job description.

4. Grammatical Errors

Avoid petty spelling mistakes, and use the appropriate grammar in your application. Proofread your application to ensure that its error free and always remember that “the devil is always in the detail”.

Grammatical or spelling errors are the worst that grab the employer’s attention. Although we think that they come under errors, however, they play an important role in determining one’s ability for a job.

It reflects a negative attitude of not being determined and being negligent towards your work.

The employer’s might think that if you cannot spend an extra hour checking and correcting your resume, then how would you be dedicated in emerging as the best employee in the work place!

5. False Information

Your application will be disregarded if you are caught for lying, recruiters will vividly check your application and when they find any misrepresentation or false information, they will disregard your application.

Never ever fake things in your CV. This is a total no in a professional field.

Always write right stuffs in the CV which an employer is looking for.

6. Empty E-mails

Do not make silly mistakes that would cost you your job. Even while having all the necessary qualifications for a particular post, you might be left behind just because of one single handed silly error. Always add a cover letter to your resume or CV.

Empty e-mails might count in for that mistake. As now people are used to having recruitment process via the internet, it is necessary to make your first impression the last one.

And that can be done by making your first impression so presentable that you will definitely bag onto this post.

Never keep your mails empty while sending your resume. At least fill in one line of appreciation or acknowledgment, either to the hiring manager or to the employer itself.


All these possible factors find their way in reducing the essence of the CV and ultimately might end up in the trash bin. Thus, utmost care should be taken while preparing a CV, updating it and sending it to the right firm at the right time.

Think a thousand times while clicking the send button by improvising the CV from time to time.

If these factors are kept in consideration, then nothing can stop you to establish yourself in the place you want to.

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