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Your skills matter, PIMP your CV !!

Do you know that the manner to which you report your skills for a job, can impact how far you move in the hiring process? As you carefully design a resume targeted for the exact post you’re applying for, you must demonstrate your job expertise to ensure that your CV or resume has what it takes to justify an interview.

Your resume’s skill set can distinguish you from the competition and help you land the job you want. If a hiring panel does decide to offer you the position, the compensation figure they choose is easily influenced by the skills part of your CV.

Employers today are searching for both hard and soft abilities, and It’s no secret that many hiring managers just look over resumes for a few seconds before deciding whether to hire someone or put them on the shortlist.

Many businesses use various application methods to collect, scan, sort, and rank resumes in order to narrow applicant pools to the most qualified applicants. That’s why you should personalize your CV and cover letter with keywords, phrase and skill sets that match the job description (as long as you have the abilities listed).

You should never ever say “experience with tally” and leave it hanging, if a company is searching for an Accountant who knows how to use Tally. List the software by name, indicate your level of skill, and if applicable, include your tally training certificates with dates. Also, use comparable phrasing in your CV, for example, if an employer is looking for a Human Resource Manager with “experience in payroll”, using similar language “Experience in payroll processing and administration” will score you a lot of points.

Repeating some of the skills outlined in the job description is essential, but keep in mind that each job description is unique and don’t forget to customize the keywords, talents and skills on your resume and in your cover letter to suit the job requirement.

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