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Tough Interview Questions

In the coming days, we will be sharing easy tips on how to answer tough interview questions. We will make sure you are well prepared to get that job easily.

Everyone is nervous during interviews. If you simply allow yourself to feel nervous, you’ll do

much better. Remember also that it’s difficult for the interviewer as well.

In general, be upbeat and positive. Never be negative.

Rehearse your answers and time them. Never talk for more than 2 minutes straight.

Don’t try to memorize answers word for word. 

Find out what an employer wants most in his or her ideal candidate, then show how you

meet those qualifications.

In other words, you must match your abilities, with the needs of the employer. You must

sell what the buyer is buying. To do that, before you know what to emphasize in your

answers, you must find out what the buyer is buying… what he is looking for. And the

best way to do that is to ask a few questions yourself.

Once you know what he wants, you can then present your qualifications as

the perfect “key” that fits the “lock” of that position.

As a daily exercise, practice being more optimistic. For example, try putting a positive

spin on events and situations you would normally regard as negative. The best salespeople, as well as the best-liked interview candidates, come off as being naturally optimistic, “can

do” people. You will dramatically raise your level of attractiveness by daily practicing to

be more optimistic.

Be honest…never lie.

Keep an interview diary. Right after each interview note what you did right, what could

have gone a little better, and what steps you should take next with this contact. Then

take those steps. 

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