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Why isn’t your job ad attracting the right applicants?

Posting a job ad and hoping it reaches the right people is like sending a message in a bottle- you can only hope it reaches the right people.

The first issue you’re having is that your job ad isn’t getting enough traction.

In today’s competitive market, finding aid in hiring suitable top-notch candidates is very crucial.

Begin by making your job ad stand out from the competition.

  • Carefully craft your job description.

A well detailed job post is the only way to attract the right candidates. Don’t be surprised if the prospects you attract are average because your ad looks and reads like everyone else’s.

As a recruiter or employee, one of the first things you should look out for in your job advertisement is correct language and syntax. If you’re looking for top talent, take a few extra minutes to run the ad through a spelling and grammar checker. Also, make sure the ad doesn’t appear to be a massive wall of text. It’s fine to be detailed, but quick bullet points are more effective at grabbing the reader’s attention.


  • Mind the Ad’s design.

But, what kind of image, color combination and text fonts do you use in your job advertisement? For 30% of respondents, your company’s products or services, a simple background and the appropriate font size and color would be the most appealing.

Specific job titles, as boring as they may appear, are more efficient than advanced ones. For example using”Operations Specialist” instead of “Operations Officer” will attract candidates who are over qualified for the job, which will make the recruiting process very stressing.

  • Mention the salary range/ compensation package.

The truth is that we all have bills to pay. Even if your firm has a fantastic culture and variety of benefits, pay is very very important. Although compensation is not a top priority for everyone, it is one of the most important aspects of an effective job post.

The most important reason for including a compensation package (or at least a range) is to attract the right applicants. Job postings with a salary specified filter up to 60% of applicants. Those who do apply, on the other hand, know exactly what to expect. with this in place, you can immediately remove anyone who is too expensive for your budget.

If the list of required abilities , skills and qualification is too long and not specific, many prospects will be turned off. They will be discouraged from applying if they do not believe they have everything the job ad requires of them, this is why it’s a good idea to divide skills into two categories: necessary and desirable.

Always communicate directly to your applicants with the job ad, so that they can picture themselves in the position they’re looking for. Remember, many candidates will not apply if your job ad’s list of required abilities is too long and not specific.


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