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Curbing Employee Turnover.

Have you ever had to leave a job due to poor management? Or because your abilities and efforts went unnoticed? Because there was no room for advancement? Is it true that your on-boarding or training was practically non-existent? Yes, I’m confident in saying you have. I’m certain I have!

Majority of employers feel that substandard remuneration is the only reason why their employees resign. And, yes, this does happen from time to time. However, it is not the most likely cause for employees to resign.

How do you keep employees?

  • Hire the right people from the start.

It’s hardly a smart way to start the hiring process, if one-third of your new workers are already predicted to leave!

As a result, make sure you hire the correct candidates. Many new hires admit that if they were better informed about their job activities throughout the hiring process, they would stay at a job longer. Be open and honest about your expectations of the new employee. Whatever you do, don’t leave out important details about the job because you’re rushing to fill a vacancy. When it comes to hiring the ideal staff for your organization, transparency is essential.

  • Swift on-boarding process.

Make sure you’re not simply teaching the new employee about their work duties and responsibilities, it’s also crucial to tell them about the corporate culture and how they can succeed on a daily basis. Set goals for them during their first week, month, three months, six months, and year. Make sure they have ample opportunity to speak with you about any questions or concerns they may have.

  • Effective Communication

Employee retention is considerably easier when you have an open and healthy line of communication with your employees.

Employees should feel free to share any and all ideas, questions, or concerns with you. On the other hand, they expect you to be upfront and honest with them about what’s going on at work and of their own performance. Ensure that you’re in touch with them on a frequent basis.

You will not only build your relationship with your present employees by having an open dialogue, but you will also attract top applicants by having an open business culture that appreciates communication.

  • Achievements should be appreciated.

Make sure you recognize staff accomplishment, whether it’s an individual or a group achievement. All significant anniversaries should be commemorated! Take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate with your coworkers by organizing a team lunch or a company outing.

Verbal Praise: Sometimes just saying “Thank you for your hard work!” is enough.

Written praise: An email of appreciation can boost an employees morale and urge him/her to do more.

  • Inquire about feedback and take action on it.

This is one of the most underappreciated employee retention methods. You should make it a habit to encourage and listen to all of your employees’ input. So, if you want to improve employee morale and satisfaction, it’s time you paid attention to what they’re saying and acted on it.

Send weekly or monthly feedback questionnaires to your staff on numerous topics, consider providing them with a suggestion box that they may use at any moment.

Even when an employee’s personal and professional lives are on the verge of colliding, the finest leaders can help their team feel good. This is the key to your team’s mental toughness.

Employees that are resilient make for a more resilient organization.

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